Nikolaj Noel – Wildlife and Nature Photography

My full name is Nikolaj Noel Christensen. But for friends simply Noel or Nikolaj Noel.

I knew photography would be a of life for me already at the age of nine, after observing migrating birds of prey at the most Northern point of Zealand, where my family have always spent the Easter holidays in the Danish countryside.

Growing up near the lakes of Copenhagen with a birdwatching Dad, I already caught up with birdwatching in my early childhood – seeing the local terns arrive in May, along with the Marsh harriers and Greebes around the lake by ‘Utterslev Mose’.

This have now lead to a position as a local guide and traveling leader in the Danish Society of Ornithology, which have brought me to Bulgaria and Greece, just as I have been covering guidings to Sweden for Eagles and Cranes through the year.

My photography work has also found its way into different corners of the Danish birding scene. My first image publication were the first documented Lanceolated Warbler of Denmark.

A selection of my images on a pioneering report of birding in Bulgaria and Northern Greece can be found here.

I have also contributed to scientific reports for The University Of Aarhus, Denmark and delivered images to CopyDan for direct use in teachings at Schools and Universities throughout the country.